Sam | Boudoir

You may have seen my Boudoir Mini sessions that I have going at the end of the month, the perfect gift for the honey or even yourself! Often times going into a boudoir session can be nerve wracking for someone who normally isn't in front of the camera bearing what feels like everything to a total stranger. 

I want to set your mind at ease with a couple tips for your next boudoir session should you take the leap! 

1.) Not all boudoir is naked. It can be a classy affair, a way to show some skin while remaining modest. 


As you can see in the above, this image has a sensual feel while still leaving something to the imagination! 

2.) You can do boudoir for YOURSELF. Not everyone who books a session is doing it for a partner. This can document life change, boost self confidence or even just be a session you can mark off your bucket list! 

Will you book a boudoir this year?