Greenberg | Celery Fields

Maternity leave is officially over & we are back in the swing of sessions!

Coming back for a full session was both nerve-racking & exciting! When I pulled up to the location, stunning Celery Fields, I took a walk & noticed how busy it was with other photographers. I started doubting myself & worrying they would think I am “doing it” wrong. There’s nothing like working with clients with other photographer eyes around, it brings out every insecurity you’ve got!

After walking around for a while, I was reminded that clients book me for the style they see in my work & that being nervous is just silly! I felt the weight fall off my shoulders & I dove into this session with a passion I have missed since Maddi joining us. It felt so good to let go of the traditional “rules” to photography & capture emotion in a way that told the story of this family.


Story Family | Fresh 48 Session

To be honest, this makes me want to meet my 3rd little one so much more! (Hurry up September!)

Fresh 48 sessions are always close to my heart, there is nothing quite like capturing the first days of a child's life! The sweet newness, the awestruck parents & the perfect togetherness these sessions allow is amazing to say the least.

Say hello to Sarah Grace.