Senior Session | Don Pedro Island, FL.

Cam allowed us the pleasure of documenting her senior session on Don Pedro Island. This was the first time we ever took a FERRY to a session! It was so strange driving onto a boat & we are so glad we could cross another new thing off of our “to-do” list!

We explored her island & spent time talking about her future & school of choice! Cam has a full ride scholarship & her future has never looked so bright! It was such a pleasure spending time with Cam & her family, yet another thing we love about this job!

Megan & Adson | Couple Session

As I went through the sessions I have posted, I noticed I completely forgot to blog this gorgeous couple from months ago! This girl is also a fellow photographer who I had the pleasure of working with! Ive said it before & I'll say it again, I love working with other creatives, they just get it. 

The whole session was shop talk & giggles from these two, I loved how comfortable they were with each other, even through my awkward prompts! 

I am really missing my beach sessions with how badly our water system is doing right now. Who else misses the beach?

Enjoy this lovely throwback!

Bethany | Headshots

I always love working with fellow photographers & Bethany was no exception! 

When she asked me if I was up for a personal session, I was so excited! We spent the afternoon exploring the island & ultimately, found a friend in each other. It was so nice getting to know Bethany & working together to make her vision for her session come true! 

Boca Grande, you never disappoint! 

Claire | Senior Session

You will notice as you look through these images, a certain sweetness Claire brings to her session. From the minute she walked up, I could tell she was going to be an absolute joy to work with! 

I loved how quickly she fell into a groove with our session & as I edited, I thought to myself more than once, "This girl needs to model." It is always so much fun when the client is comfortable & easy to work with, Claire was both! 

With all that being said, enjoy Claire's session & all the sweetness she brings to KSP!