Olivia | Prom Session

I didn't feel old until I remembered my prom was in 2011...

These Seniors looked amazing as they headed out to prom to celebrate their graduation! From the dresses to the backyard bliss that they chose, it all came together beautifully!

Claire | Senior Session

You will notice as you look through these images, a certain sweetness Claire brings to her session. From the minute she walked up, I could tell she was going to be an absolute joy to work with! 

I loved how quickly she fell into a groove with our session & as I edited, I thought to myself more than once, "This girl needs to model." It is always so much fun when the client is comfortable & easy to work with, Claire was both! 

With all that being said, enjoy Claire's session & all the sweetness she brings to KSP! 


Doren | Senior Session

This session was two parts, beach & soccer field!

We hit the beach just in time for that creamy golden hour sun to bathe us, making for rich tones & deep coloring to finish off this Senior Session! I can't say enough how much love working with seniors, their personalities are so diverse & even single one of them brings beauty to the session in their own way! 

Boca Grande, I have a love affair with you! Enjoy!