Greenberg | Lifestyle Newborn

Growing up, I knew Bryan as my older cousin’s best friend. He was always doing the cool stuff that I was too young for & like any younger cousin, I always wanted to be included in what they did. So being able to be a part of capturing his beautiful family’s images, is so wonderful.

When Meghan asked me to document their first moments as a family of four, I was sold without hesitation! Blake is the sweetest older brother, quick to check on Maddox whenever he makes a peep. Being an older brother is tough job & I think he has what it takes!

The boys will grow up close, as their rooms are right next door to each other. I love how Mama put together the nursery Maddox calls home! The cactus theme is anything but sharp, adding a soft calmness to the nursery as you’ll see in the images below. Once again, lifestyle sessions like this, steal the show in my heart. The casual approach to documenting something so important has been such a joy for me.

Enjoy a look at the newest addition the Greenberg family!

(Can you guess which image is my favorite? Pictures are hard when you can’t nap!)

Kensington | Year Two

“Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up.” -Bjarne Reuter

And just like that, we have a two year old.

Kensington woke up her birthday morning to Happy Birthday being sung off-key, donuts & a unicorn decorated house! We made sure it was everything our sweet & spunky girl had asked for.

When I became her mom, something inside of me woke up. A part of me was giddy with the idea of a future in the color pink & dresses that twirl when you spin in them. I dreamt of dainty ballet lessons & quiet tea parties for two. I got SO much more.

Kensi is fierce.

I have never met someone so determined to be exactly who she is. There is no compromise in this girl’s spirit, she’s a spark that I know will one day set a huge fire in this world. (I just pray my house stays intact with all the spark this girl has!) She is shades of pink, lightly covered with the dirt that comes with keeping up with her older brother. The scraped knees & unicorn slippers pair together in a way that makes my heart hurt a little for the days to come where she trades them out for heels. She is small but such a force, practicing her karate moves in the ballet outfit she has yet to do a single twirl in. She has a way of melting me in ways I never knew I could melt, a sweet mix of grit & grace. I have seen compassion in her eyes for others that has made me forget she’s only two. A little mama in her own way, loving on every baby she meets & keeping her big brother in line all at the same time. I have come to love the way she unapologetically shares her sass with the world. The looks she gives me on a daily basis have me holding back the laughter I want to let out, I think you’ll get a sense of that in the images below! There’s nothing like hearing her ask to hold me or the way she takes my hand to show me what she’s up to (good or bad). She is everything I wish I was & she is more than anything I could ever dream for her. I cannot wait to watch her grow into the one she was meant to be.

What a joy it is to be this girl’s Mama.

Happy Birthday KK!

Toole | Birthday & Family Session

The only thing bigger than her adorable bows, is the excitement over her 1st birthday!

This family has just moved here from Virginia, just in time to celebrate their little one for her birthday! We hiked out on the old hills of a forgotten golf course & captured this big milestone in their lives. First family pictures in Florida done right!

There is just something about a moody night sky that does something special to my images.

Bates | Lifestyle In-home Session

The Bates family was such a pleasure to work with!

We met at their newly redone ranch house & my oh my, was it a dream! From the decor to the sweet details that they had included throughout their home, the renovation was truly a success! I was so glad to be there to capture their family in their new cozy place that they have put so much love into already!