Randi & David | Date night

You can tell these two are smitten just by looking at these images.

They met online, went to Disney together & the rest is history! We spent some time reminiscing on how they met, shared laughs & the BEST soda from this throwback of a diner while I snapped these casual images of them in their element. 

From the way he looks at her, to the way she laughs with him, these two made for a fun evening of documenting a moment!

The Soda Fountain was kind enough to let us snap for a few minutes & I am so appreciative! 

Brad & Sandra | Date night

I love changing things up when it comes to what I photograph. New challenges amuse me & give me a chance to make what may seem like an ordinary moment, something worth capturing.

I was lucky enough to tag along with this couple on a backroad date night recently & what followed was a lot of laughs & some good pizza! Date night sessions are the best!

I have a funny feeling this may become my new "photographer thing" as I have another one scheduled for this Saturday night!

I can't wait to share that location with you, so keep an eye out!

Megan & Adson | Couple Session

As I went through the sessions I have posted, I noticed I completely forgot to blog this gorgeous couple from months ago! This girl is also a fellow photographer who I had the pleasure of working with! Ive said it before & I'll say it again, I love working with other creatives, they just get it. 

The whole session was shop talk & giggles from these two, I loved how comfortable they were with each other, even through my awkward prompts! 

I am really missing my beach sessions with how badly our water system is doing right now. Who else misses the beach?

Enjoy this lovely throwback!