Kensington | Year Two

“Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up.” -Bjarne Reuter

And just like that, we have a two year old.

Kensington woke up her birthday morning to Happy Birthday being sung off-key, donuts & a unicorn decorated house! We made sure it was everything our sweet & spunky girl had asked for.

When I became her mom, something inside of me woke up. A part of me was giddy with the idea of a future in the color pink & dresses that twirl when you spin in them. I dreamt of dainty ballet lessons & quiet tea parties for two. I got SO much more.

Kensi is fierce.

I have never met someone so determined to be exactly who she is. There is no compromise in this girl’s spirit, she’s a spark that I know will one day set a huge fire in this world. (I just pray my house stays intact with all the spark this girl has!) She is shades of pink, lightly covered with the dirt that comes with keeping up with her older brother. The scraped knees & unicorn slippers pair together in a way that makes my heart hurt a little for the days to come where she trades them out for heels. She is small but such a force, practicing her karate moves in the ballet outfit she has yet to do a single twirl in. She has a way of melting me in ways I never knew I could melt, a sweet mix of grit & grace. I have seen compassion in her eyes for others that has made me forget she’s only two. A little mama in her own way, loving on every baby she meets & keeping her big brother in line all at the same time. I have come to love the way she unapologetically shares her sass with the world. The looks she gives me on a daily basis have me holding back the laughter I want to let out, I think you’ll get a sense of that in the images below! There’s nothing like hearing her ask to hold me or the way she takes my hand to show me what she’s up to (good or bad). She is everything I wish I was & she is more than anything I could ever dream for her. I cannot wait to watch her grow into the one she was meant to be.

What a joy it is to be this girl’s Mama.

Happy Birthday KK!

Conerly | Family Session

I felt like I was visiting Chip & Joanna Gaines along with their crew, during this session! From the countryside to the manners, this family was so pleasant to work with!

We met at their adorable home & drove to property that Dad works during the week! It was so enjoyable to be able to get to know this family as we traveled & see how much they all doted on one another when the session started.

I emphasize play during our session & I these guys knew how to have some fun! We spent the evening giggling over duck jokes (trust me its a good one!) & chasing the last rays of the day.

I need more family sessions in my books!

Rueff | Fresh 48

This sweet bundle arrived early, surprising everyone!

This hospital is actually the one I delivered all three of my babies at! (Maddi was born literally last month!) When I arrive to Fresh 48 sessions, I always love to see how the parents interact with each other. There is something special about watching the two become partners in parenting.

This couple doted on their sweet boy & the love was tangible! see scrolling to see who they named Sawyer after, you don’t want to miss it.

Story Babies | Halloween

We kept it (slightly) spooky & film like with our littles this year!

Say hello to our little lion & tiger! Something about these look like photos from behind the scenes of an old traveling circus. They remind us of the old photographs we collect, the ones you find at an antique store & they stop you dead in your tracks.

Maybe they will leave you wondering who they are behind all the makeup. Trust us when we tell you, they are fierce.