Olivia | Prom Session

I didn't feel old until I remembered my prom was in 2011...

These Seniors looked amazing as they headed out to prom to celebrate their graduation! From the dresses to the backyard bliss that they chose, it all came together beautifully!

Moore Couple | Coffee Shop Session

Moody. Real Love. Coffee.

I think that is my new business motto! I can not get over this intimate coffee shop session & the perfect couple I got in front of my lens. I used a wide angle lens for this whole session & though I was nervous about clarity, they came out wonderfully!

It is a goal of mine to do the things that scare me & using a lens I am not completely comfortable with, along with crouching in between others trying to drink their coffee was definitely at the top of my "discomfort" list! (I may be a little shy)

Nick & Sammy weren't phased at all, they acted as if no one else was even in the shop & that is what gives their images an edge!

FSU | Real Life F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Like all ten seasons of Friends, these college buddies lived together, worked together & got degrees together. They wanted their final week documented as they all move on to chase the dream careers they have each prepared for. 

I love documenting unique life stories & this is one of my new favorites! The only guy in these images also happens to be my baby brother so I may have felt a little more teary than most. It has been so much fun watching him make new friends & chase a dream! 

They may have said goodbye to the house, but they will have these memories to last a lifetime.

Danee & Chad | Engagment Session

Back at Woods & Wedding's for this engagement session & you won't hear any complaints from this photographer! 

Every time I am out at this venue, I am surprised by a new prop or animal! This occasion was no different as you can see. The owner occasionally rehabilitates deer & we were lucky enough to have booked our session at the same time she had one! It was so sweet to capture them cuddle up to her during their session.

When this couple booked me, they warned me they weren't good in front of the camera. I would like to think I proved them wrong! Their love was so effortless to capture!