Habits of Mom-Life

Any of you have a habit you wish you didn't have?

You know the one I am talking about, the one that has you smacking your forehead & asking yourself "Why can't you get it together, (enter your name here)?" My annoying habit is forgetting things in the blackhole that is my car. Other mom's will agree, getting your kids in & out of the car is a feat in itself, leaving very little space for remembering the leftovers, camera bag or the 7,000 toys the kids absolutely NEED to travel with. 

This habit of mine drives my husband up the wall! When something is needed & I remember it's in my car, I try my best to get to it before he can, so I can avoid the bug eyed wonder he always seems to have when it comes to the backseat. He knows if I jump off the couch to race him to the car, I am really just saving him from more frown line wrinkles at this point! (Darling, I am doing you a favor!) But in all seriousness, I get so annoyed with myself over this forgetfulness that I sometimes wonder how I am keeping anything together. 

I have learned that being put together in business & home life is an "either/or" situation. If my house is clean & car empty, you can bet there's a list of business to-do's that I am itching to get to & vice versa.  There's that line again that we as small business owners & moms have to tow.

If you didn't know, I am almost 23 weeks along with our third child. As a pregnant mom, I am under-caffiented, over-worked & tired out, with love to spare at any given moment. Raise your hand if this is any of you moms out there! (don't really raise your hand, I can't see you) I know we can all relate, we give so much of ourselves daily that the things we need to remember are put on the back burner for another time, for another moment where we can pull together the will to do the things we need to do for ourselves. This is mom-life & if you ask any of us if we would change anything, we would probably ask you "What?" three times because we can't hear you over the meltdowns our kids are having. No, we wouldn't change a thing. Yes, we may forget things or cry at the drop of a hat but that's the best part because there's always another mom out there who can relate. I am here today telling you, "I relate. I get it." 

Like Luke Bryan sings "I believe that days go slow & years go fast." 

It's tough being mom but someone has to do it. Speaking of being mom, I need to go break up TFC (toddler fight club, we don't talk about it).

Until my next rant,