We are only 3 weeks out from meeting our newest little girl! Time sure has flown with this pregnancy, I feel like we just found out we were expecting last week. I think thats what happens when you're caught up with a family & a business!

Thankfully, we were able to carve out some time for Jason & I to get maternity pictures taken by another talented photographer in our area a couple weeks ago. I love how they turned out & learned just how nerve-racking it can be, being the one in front of the camera! I had no idea y'all! But it really made me glad for clients who trust me with their images & allow me to make them comfortable during our sessions together. 

In these last few weeks before #3 joins us, I have sessions to edit, sessions to shoot & a space to make for baby. (Am I last minute with the baby stuff or what?) When I think of all that needs to be done before baby comes, I am not overwhelmed but instead, I find myself a little sad to be slowing down with photography for the month of September. I can't stand being stagnant in my work, so slowing down even if only for a month, is not something I have looked forward to. 

I am looking forward to completing our family with this little one & sharing the adorable newness with you all in the weeks to come! Our doctor appointments are weekly now, so things are getting real for the Story household. I have begun to get all of Kensi's newborn clothes washed & ready to go & have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have missed little onesies floating around the house. It means more laundry, but at least its cute?

We are so excited to introduce our littlest rainbow baby to you all soon but in the meantime, enjoy a look at our maternity session done by Chelsea Whetsel Photography.