It’s been a minute since I have had time to sit down & write to you all! Life has been so crazy with the work schedule & the holidays upon us. Some days, I finally make it to bed, only to wonder where the day went & why I couldn’t get more done. Who is with me on that?

The time of year has come for everyone to start thinking about their resolutions, a time to reflect on this year & make our vast claims for the coming one. I try not get too caught up in the wish making & such. Maybe being the realist that I am, has me not wanting to set myself up for failure. I do however, make goals!

One goal on my list this year is to book elopements! I recently had a very intimate wedding that I was able to shoot in stunning Boca Grande & it had me dreaming of the elopement side of wedding photography. There is just something about taking the day at the bride & grooms pace. I fell in love with the relaxed feel to their day & being able to spend so much one on one time with the bride & groom was such a treat!

I will be blogging their wedding in the coming weeks & I am buzzing with excitement to share it with you all! (My favorite wedding to date!) Keep your eyes peeled for that stunning wedding soon!

As far as goals go, I am always thinking of new ones when it comes to KSP, I feel like my list never stops growing. One thing I have learned though, is to choose one and hyper focus on it. That is where elopement photography falls this year, look out 2019, I am coming for all the intimate wedding feels! From the details to first kiss, I want them all!

When it comes down to it, I want to push myself to do more photography that makes me smile. As I go through the images form the wedding in Boca Grande, all I can do is smile. I leave my desk with sore cheeks from all the smiling I do. That is due to loving what I have captured & I want it no other way.

What is your goal for the coming year? Do you have a certain business goal? A personal achievement you want to accomplish? Share it with me in a comment, I would love to hear from you!

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XOXO- Kandice Story

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

In this day & age, it is so easy to just show the world the highlights of your life & forget to make a connection with your viewers. Lately, one of my goals has been to establish real connections with those that follow the KSP brand, so here I am throwing caution to the wind & inviting you in to learn a little more about who I am as person. 

By adding weekly blogs to my website, I hope you can find yourself laughing along at my mishaps, cheering when I get the laundry done & just generally find yourself feeling like part of the family. Welcome home!

Something I have wanted to write on has been a 10 Things post, what I didn't realize was how hard writing this was going to be! I think you'll find that I learned just as much about myself as you're about to. (I mean, I am not even sure how I came up with 10 things at this point!)

1.) I love reading! I mean it. I can get lost to a book in an instant, falling for characters I haven't met & places I have never been. I have been a bookworm ever since I can remember, always quick to pick up a book but slow to finish because I am never quite ready to say goodbye to the storylines I fall into.

2.) My favorite drink is an ice-cold Sarsaparilla! If you haven't heard of this drink, you are missing out! Let's just say its root beer on steroids. No other way to describe it. I actually go to the cutest old fashioned soda shop for them & I am itching to do a session there as well so stay tuned! 

3.) This one is a no brainer but I love watching how the light falls across the ground. I never really paid any attention to this until I became a photographer & noticed just how influential light is composing a beautiful image. During the day you can find me staring at long shadows in the house or finding a corner that the light touches just right, silently making notes of different times of day for certain shots I want. I am that obsessed. 

4.) I am selfless to a fault. Even typing that makes me cringe but I want you to know me, so here I am. I often put others before me (what mom doesn't?) so much so, that I end up losing myself to the needs of others. This isn't always a bad thing, but when I allow myself to get burned out, I am no good to the ones who rely on me. Taking time to refresh myself has been something I am working on. 

5.) I make these grand plans for my days off & never follow through. Who else is with me on this? I go to bed with lists of things I can do on the days the kids are at the grandparents & I end up sleeping in, cleaning or working. I think I have a love affair with productivity. 

6.) I failed my first semester of college. Yup, flunked right out. I was young, barely made it through high school & so in love with this one guy, that I didn't take it seriously & failed out. That one guy became my husband & school has never been my thing so I never went back. That's why you get to read blogs like this & see me doing a job I LOVE! (But stay in school, your mom made me say that.)

7.) I am not good at "being a girl". LOL Never have been good at the hair thing, keeping up with nail appts or wearing the cute dresses. I try, I really do & about once a month I get it together enough to look like I know how to apply that mascara I am wearing. I can remember growing up & asking God if I could just please be one of those girls who pulled off the shorts & a tee shirt look well. I think I knew then that the primping life wasn't for me.

8.) I am my hardest critic when it comes to my photography & business practices. After a session I like to give myself one night of not looking at the session because I am so hard on myself. I find I am much nicer to me when I have slept on the session. Haha!

9.) I DEEP clean when I am mad. I always joke with everyone that Jason knows if he's done something if he walks in & the house is spotless. I think maybe he's wised up & knows how to get a clean house.

10.) I play the guitar & sing. I learned how to play the guitar in high school after my dad bought me a second hand guitar at a local shop. I can still hear him saying, "If I buy this, you have to promise to learn how to use it." I still use that guitar to this day. 

I hope these 10 facts have helped you get to know me a little better! If you related to anything, leave me a comment & lets connect!

Habits of Mom-Life

Any of you have a habit you wish you didn't have?

You know the one I am talking about, the one that has you smacking your forehead & asking yourself "Why can't you get it together, (enter your name here)?" My annoying habit is forgetting things in the blackhole that is my car. Other mom's will agree, getting your kids in & out of the car is a feat in itself, leaving very little space for remembering the leftovers, camera bag or the 7,000 toys the kids absolutely NEED to travel with. 

This habit of mine drives my husband up the wall! When something is needed & I remember it's in my car, I try my best to get to it before he can, so I can avoid the bug eyed wonder he always seems to have when it comes to the backseat. He knows if I jump off the couch to race him to the car, I am really just saving him from more frown line wrinkles at this point! (Darling, I am doing you a favor!) But in all seriousness, I get so annoyed with myself over this forgetfulness that I sometimes wonder how I am keeping anything together. 

I have learned that being put together in business & home life is an "either/or" situation. If my house is clean & car empty, you can bet there's a list of business to-do's that I am itching to get to & vice versa.  There's that line again that we as small business owners & moms have to tow.

If you didn't know, I am almost 23 weeks along with our third child. As a pregnant mom, I am under-caffiented, over-worked & tired out, with love to spare at any given moment. Raise your hand if this is any of you moms out there! (don't really raise your hand, I can't see you) I know we can all relate, we give so much of ourselves daily that the things we need to remember are put on the back burner for another time, for another moment where we can pull together the will to do the things we need to do for ourselves. This is mom-life & if you ask any of us if we would change anything, we would probably ask you "What?" three times because we can't hear you over the meltdowns our kids are having. No, we wouldn't change a thing. Yes, we may forget things or cry at the drop of a hat but that's the best part because there's always another mom out there who can relate. I am here today telling you, "I relate. I get it." 

Like Luke Bryan sings "I believe that days go slow & years go fast." 

It's tough being mom but someone has to do it. Speaking of being mom, I need to go break up TFC (toddler fight club, we don't talk about it).

Until my next rant,



Mother, Photographer, Multi-tasker Extraordinaire.

Becoming a mother has taught me a lot of things.

1.) Sleep is actually not necessary to sustain life. I know this to be true because I have not slept in three years, its true, ask my husband. 

2.) Going to the bathroom alone is a luxury not a right. 

3.) You can do 80 things at one time but under no circumstances should cooking ever be done while juggling other things. If you decide to try it, you may burn the chicken, setting off the fire alarm & hear about it from your toddler for the next year. 

4.) You do not have to give up your dreams because you have become a mother.


I know a lot of what I have learned may be silly things that mean nothing to you in the long run but if you heed anything you just read, let it be #4. I promise as this journal grows, I will fill it with useless information, funny stories I wish weren't true & photography dreams I am accomplishing. One thing you will not find in this journal will be lies. So when I say that you don't have to give up your dreams for motherhood, believe me. 

Chasing the goals this photography life has brought me actually started when I became a mother. I can remember bringing home this tiny little boy & wondering why the hospital let us leave with him. We were clueless. That cluelessness was overshadowed by this enormous love we both found growing in size each day as we started our journey into parenthood. That love I had for my son came out for me in photographs. I look back on the little "iPhone photoshoots" I would have with him & realize how the seed planted then has grown to what it is now. I started with nothing but a desire to capture what I felt in a particular moment. Thankfully I have a loving husband who pays attention to my passions (I think he knew photography was my passion before I did) & for christmas that year, he bought me a Canon Rebel! 

I jumped in with both feet & carried that camera with me everywhere! When visiting with family I would ask if they wanted photos done & to my surprise they let me experiment on them. *This is the part of the journal I should extend my condolences for some of the images I gave to family in the beginning of this career. I also want to thank you because all of the terrible images, editing flaws & awkward posing has helped me learn so much!* I researched lens' & techniques, finding that I had a long way to go in this craft. There were moments of defeat (there still are) & moments where I thought I was the best photographer I knew! (those moments have died & had a nice funeral where the turn out was one, me.) For a long time I was satisfied with stagnancy, not growing in the field because I let the excuse of being a mother hold me back from what I wanted to do. 

It wasn't until about a year ago that I woke up one day & realized that aside from being a mom, I was still Kandice. I told myself it is possible to be a great & present mom all the while chasing my dreams. I have seen that advertisement on tv countless times & chose daily not to believe it. It was then that I started this hustle & I mean hustle. Now, I wake up thinking about ways to improve, ways to be better than who I was yesterday & this mindset has transferred over into my mothering skills. It is a learning game each day finding new ways to be there for my kids & grow this business of mine. Some days, I don't touch the edits I need to do & stay up at night to accomplish it because my children needed me. I make my own schedule so I don't miss out on important moments & still help provide for our family, I have started to master what I call our "give & take". Work & play go hand in hand around here & when balanced, I can be who I need to be for everyone including myself.  When I stopped giving myself excuses, I found freedom in growth. Today, I am not content to remain in the same place for too long. There is always another goal to be had, lesson to be learned & new creative thing to be inspired by. 

I don't say all of that to sound like I have it all together because half of the time I don't know where the only pair of pants that currently fit me are. (I'm a little pregnant.)  Some days are better than others, I have days where I think I have every aspect of my life together & that's when I forget my camera bag or someone decides to poop as we are walking out the door. No one has it together & if they say they do, you got a really good look at their true character. 

I won't mislead you into thinking that the day I woke up & stopped giving myself excuses is the day my life was perfect. It was just a day that I decided that in spite my insecurities & fears, I was going to do the hustle thing even as a mother. I know that in the end the goal is to leave something for my kids & this hustle is for them. 

I am extremely thankful I have found something that I never tire of. In the midst of continually being tired in the best of ways, photography has never felt heavy to me, always bringing creative energy along with it.

If you hung out long enough to read this, I thank you! I never know who needs to hear what I have going on in this little life of mine so if anything resonated with you, let me know! I would love to chat! 

Until my next rant,