Family Trip to Andy's Backyard!

Since discovering Toy Story last year, Ezra (our oldest) has been obsessed! We have the pajamas, action figures, movies & more! So when we found out that Disney was once again one-upping themselves & adding Toy Story Land to the theme parks, we planned a trip for opening week! 

Walt Disney World isn't far from home so after a quick car ride to the happiest place on earth, we arrived with BIG expectations. We weren't disappointed as everything there certainly was big, I mean we were in Andy's backyard for goodness sake! After getting shrunk down to toy size, we made our way through tinker toys, monkeys in a barrel & green army men! There was no end to the creativity of how this place came together! 

You can see on Ezra's face how truly magical the park was & that makes this photographer Mama glad we took the risk on opening week. Before leaving, we told the toys we would be back soon & we meant it!

Enjoy a look at our family trip to Toy Story Land!