Maddilyn Has Arrived

September 21st, we welcomed our Maddilyn to the world & it’s been a whirlwind since!

This was my first experience with being induced & the day of, I was a nervous wreck! Jason & I didn’t sleep well the night before, just anticipating what was to come the following day. We got up the morning of her birthday fully aware we were going to change the dynamic of our family again. The short ride to the hospital was filled with anxious hope for a quick delivery & healthy baby, I remember thinking to myself, “The next time I am in this car, I will be going home with a baby in the backseat.”

After stopping by McDonald’s to get in one last meal before delivery, we arrived at the hospital. As we walked up to the building that would be holding our new baby soon, Jason said a prayer for us all & we walked in. We headed to room 205 & began prepping for Maddilyn to join us. I was so shocked at how fast things moved once we got settled in the room! The hospital staff was amazing, getting things done & making sure both baby & I were taken care of during our stay.

The time arrived & pushing began, Maddilyn made her way into the world an hour later & was placed right on my chest. Things never really change when welcoming new life, it is overwhelming, perfect, scary & dream like. I remember just looking up at Jason as we both cried over the blessing we had just received. I think we cried more than Maddi did!

After being weighed, measured & checked, we were able to love on her again & invited family into the room to meet our conclusion to the Story family. Safe to say that they were smitten! Ezra & Kensington love their new sister & are adjusting well to life with a newborn. I love watching them wake up in the morning & ask to see their baby! Maddi has no idea how loved she is when it comes to her siblings.

Since coming home, we are trying to learn our new groove with Maddi. She is such a good baby, never bothered by her loud brother & sister running through the house. She completes us in ways we didn’t know needed completing & we are so thankful for her presence here in our home.

The images below are some of the images I was able to capture when family came in to meet Maddi. (aside from the ones I am in haha! Thanks Mom!)